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Spare no effort to introduce the company's talent and continue to absorb new metal and multi material composite molding technology at home and abroad

The production of each work and products, are our staff dedication and integrity of the condensation, and each work we all want to get the customer's satisfaction!

About Us

Design and production, Shenzhen clear Metal Company Limited is specialized in design of metal and metal Surface effects. Modern technology to traditional crafts, years of experience accumulation. For customers in various industries Designed and produced many excellent products and works. We have a strong design team and advanced production technology Arts and crafts. From the 3D printing, multi axis engraving, die-casting mold, metal plating, oxidation, laser To the casting, carving, polishing, Liu Jin, technology rich to provide quality service to customers. Product related And government departments, enterprise groups, construction, automotive, home decoration, film and television media, sports events and many other industries, Customers all over the world.

Our advantage

11 years of professional experience hard brand concept excellent service spirit

  • Strong designer team
  • Years of experience
  • Skilled craftsman

work environment

Advanced and complete production design and preparation of excellent production workshop is the guarantee of quality and quantity

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